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Whether you are charged with a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony, being prosecuted can be an immensely frightening experience. The criminal justice system is highly complex and difficult to navigate as a defendant, especially if this is your first time being accused of a crime. Most people who get arrested are not dangerous and do not need to be sent to prison for years to protect the public. However, Maryland's sometimes extremely harsh sentencing laws allow judges to send even misdemeanor defendants to prison for more than a year.

If you are trapped in the criminal justice system, you need an experienced Bethesda, MD criminal defense lawyer to advocate for you. Having a skilled criminal defense attorney representing you can mean the difference between going to jail or having your case dismissed. Few criminal cases are truly hopeless for the defendant - there are often problems with the evidence or an affirmative defense you may be able to use to show that you did not do anything wrong. Our experienced team will carefully evaluate your case to determine what the best course of action might be.

Do I Have to Go to Trial?

You do not have to go to trial, but you have the right to a fair jury trial if you and your attorney determine that trial is your best option. There may be ways an attorney can have your case dismissed without going to trial. For example, if you were accused of DUI and your lawyer can show that there was a problem with your chemical tests that means they cannot be used in court, your charges might be dismissed. This is true even if you are facing a felony DUI.

Or, if you are charged with a weapons crime or drug crime and the police illegally searched your home without a warrant or consent, any evidence from the search could be thrown out. This would likely mean that your case can be dismissed.

Trial may be your best option if you have a strong affirmative defense or if there is a strong possibility that you would not be found guilty. People accused of extremely serious crimes like murder or rape often do go to trial, especially if they have a strong defense. People charged with violent crimes including assault, domestic violence, and manslaughter are often able to show that they were defending themselves and did not commit a crime during trial.

Another option is to accept a plea bargain before trial. This means pleading guilty to a less serious crime than the one you were originally charged with and receiving a lesser sentence than the one you could have gotten if you had gone to trial and lost. For example someone charged with a felony drug crime like distribution might plead guilty to misdemeanor drug possession and enter a diversion program rather than rolling the dice by going to trial. A lot of people feel more comfortable with this option, as there is less risk involved.

Types of Crimes We Can Help With

Our lawyers can help with all types of criminal accusations, including:

We can also help with the expungement and sealing of eligible offenses.

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