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A juvenile conviction may not follow you forever to the extent that an adult conviction could, but it might interfere with the life you have planned in other ways. Being convicted of a crime as a minor can prevent you from getting into the type of college you want to go to, or it could get you in serious trouble at school. This is especially true if the crime you were arrested for took place on school grounds. Minors are being arrested at school more and more frequently, often for offenses that would have resulted in little more than detention 20 or 30 years ago.

If your minor child has been charged with a crime, having good legal representation is essential. It may take the work of an attorney to keep your case in juvenile court, as Maryland law allows juveniles to be charged as adults under some circumstances. We can also help with expungement and record sealing of a juvenile offense.

Keeping Your Case in Juvenile Court

Children as young as 8 years old can potentially be charged as adults for certain serious offenses. Whether a child is sent to adult court depends on his or her age and the type of offense in question. Some children will automatically be charged as adults for certain felonies, but are eligible for transfer back to juvenile court.

Those 14 years old and older are charged as adults for attempts to commit, conspiracy to commit, or actually committing murder, rape, and sexual assault. Those 16 years old and older are charged as adults for a broader range of crimes, including attempts and conspiracy to commit those crimes. Certain weapons offenses, sex crimes, and violent crimes will mean that a child who is at least 16 years old will face adult court. An attorney may be able to move these cases back to the juvenile courts.

Common Juvenile Crimes

The types of crimes juveniles are accused of are often - but not always - fairly nonserious offenses. However, there has been a recent increase in juveniles being charged with extremely serious offenses like sexual assault and firearms offenses. Some of the juvenile offenses we can help with include:

  • Underage drinking or cannabis use - This is one of the most common juvenile crimes.
  • DUI - Teens may drive drunk out of fear of getting in trouble if they ask a parent or other adult for a ride home.
  • Traffic crimes, like driving without a license - 15-year-olds with learner's permits may try to drive alone.
  • Possessing a weapon on school grounds - Even if a teen had no intention of hurting anyone, even having a weapon at school is a serious crime.
  • Assault -Fights at school often result in arrests rather than a simple suspension or detention.
  • Domestic violence - Teens are sometimes arrested for fighting with a sibling or parent.
  • Drug possession - It is fairly common for teenagers to experiment with drug use, but doing so can get them arrested.
  • Child pornography - Teens exchanging nude images can be arrested for this serious sex crime, even if they are minors themselves.
  • Rape and sexual assault - Teens are often charged with these crimes after engaging in sex acts at a party where alcohol and drugs are being used. These cases are often based on the victim having been too intoxicated to consent to sex.

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