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Drug crimes can range in seriousness from relatively minor misdemeanors to extremely serious felonies. At the least serious end of the spectrum is drug possession for personal use, a misdemeanor. Those who are charged with drug possession are often normal people struggling with addiction, and may have the advantage of being seen as victims of the drug epidemic. On the most serious end of the spectrum are offenses like trafficking and volume distribution. Those charged with large-scale distribution offenses are treated far more harshly, as they are viewed as the actual criminals profiting from the drug epidemic.

The Law Offices of Gerstenfield & Demirji, PC. is experienced in defending people who have been accused of all types of drug crimes, from the least serious to the most serious. Our skilled Columbia, MD drug crimes lawyers will do all we can to provide you with the best defense possible regardless of the specific offense you are charged with. We carefully analyze each case looking for all possible defenses, including evidence that the police failed to respect your constitutional rights.

Drug Possession for Personal Use and Defenses

Most people charged with simple possession need treatment, not incarceration. Fortunately, mandatory minimum sentencing for minor possession offenses has been repealed. This gives courts the option of putting low-level drug offenders on probation and in treatment programs rather than sending them to prison. Minor drug offenders who receive treatment and are allowed to remain in the community are less likely to offend again.

It is fairly common for people charged with possession to face other charges, such as drug DUI or simple assault at the same time. People are often stopped by police for another offense when drugs are found on their person or in their cars during a post-arrest search. Our lawyers are skilled at handling cases involving multiple charges.

Montgomery County Drug Distribution Lawyers

Drug distribution is normally charged when a person is found to be selling or handing out smaller quantities of drugs to end users. Street-level dealers are normally charged with distribution when they are caught, often after selling drugs to an undercover police officer.

Possession with intent to distribute is charged when a person is found with a quantity of drugs too large to be considered a personal use amount, but not large enough to qualify for a trafficking charge. Distribution is only charged when the defendant is caught actually transferring drugs to another person.

Drug Trafficking Attorneys in Columbia

Drug trafficking and volume distribution are extremely serious felonies in Maryland. Most people charged with these crimes are high-level members of gangs or organized crime operations responsible for moving massive quantities of illegal drugs. Trafficking can be charged strictly based on the quantity of a substance found in your possession. Exceptionally large amounts of an illicit substance suggest to the court that you planned to distribute the drugs to dealers working under you in a larger criminal plot.

People are usually arrested for this offense after a sophisticated sting operation aimed at dismantling large-scale operations. Drug offenders at this level can be punished harshly with many years or decades in prison. Courts tend to view traffickers and other large-scale distributors as those responsible for the severity of the drug epidemic and the high rate of overdose deaths in Maryland. This often drives courts to impose very harsh sentencing on those convicted of high-level drug offenses.

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