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While drug possession for personal use is a misdemeanor offense, drug distribution and drug trafficking are felonies. These felonies are punishable by many years or even decades in prison depending on the type of substance and quantity involved. While people arrested for drug possession are often seen by the justice system as victims of the drug epidemic, those who distribute or traffic controlled substances are seen as the cause of the epidemic. Overdose deaths are occurring at an exceptionally high rate in Maryland. Most of those who die of overdoses are end users who are not involved with the sale or production of drugs. Many distributors are not addicts themselves, but profit from supplying those who are addicted to the product.

The Law Offices of Gerstenfield & Demirji, PC. is experienced in representing those who have been accused of trafficking or distributing illicit substances. Our knowledgeable Rockville, MD drug possession and trafficking attorneys will work to provide you with the best defense possible. Being convicted of these serious drug offenses could subject you to extremely serious consequences. Our attorneys will carefully analyze the facts and circumstances of your case to identify the best possible defense strategy.

The Difference Between Possession and Distribution

There can be a fine line between possession and possession with intent to distribute or distribution charges. People who possess more than what is considered a personal use amount are often accused of intending to distribute the substance to others. Although most people who are addicted to drugs rarely have more than a small amount of drugs in their possession, as they often struggle to obtain enough of the substance to satisfy their habit, some can and do stockpile larger amounts of the drug they are addicted to for fear of running out.

Others make larger purchases on behalf of a group. Some groups of users will send one person to make a pickup with hopes of reducing their chances of being caught. However, the individual who picks up a larger quantity to share may be charged with drug distribution.

Drug Trafficking and Volume Distribution Laws in Maryland

Drug trafficking and volume distribution charges are extremely serious. If you are charged with this type of offense, it is because the state believes that you are a large-scale importer or distributor responsible for introducing massive quantities of narcotics to the street. Most people charged with these crimes are members of gangs or other organized crime enterprises.

You could be charged with one of these very serious types of offenses if you:

  • Leave the state to pick up large quantities of drugs and smuggle them back into Maryland,
  • Import substantial quantities of drugs into Maryland through other means, such as by having them shipped to you,
  • Come from out of state to deliver large quantities of dru
  • Possess exceptional quantities of illicit substances - enough that the state thinks you planned to sell the drugs not to end users, but to lower-level dealers,
  • Are caught selling large quantities to street-level dealers,
  • Are part of a criminal organization responsible for moving large quantities of controlled substances,
  • Have street-level dealers reporting to you,
  • Are found packaging or re-packaging drugs from large containers into smaller bags,
  • Manufacture or prepare drugs.

Many drug trafficking cases are the result of large-scale "busts" or undercover operations and involve multiple defendants. Our attorneys are skilled at representing multiple defendants accused of working together in a drug trafficking scheme. We will explore all possible defense options, including showing that your constitutional rights were violated by the police during their efforts to catch you.

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