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Violent crimes are punished harshly in Maryland. Even misdemeanor assault - the least serious of the violent crimes - can land you in prison for years. More serious violent crimes, like assault involving a weapon, carry longer and more severe sentences. While crimes like drug possession are considered victimless offenses, there is always a victim who suffered actual physical or psychological harm when a crime of violence is committed.

The Law Offices of Gerstenfield & Demirji, PC. is skilled in presenting powerful defenses to those charged with violent crimes in Montgomery County. Our experienced violent crime defense lawyers will strategize carefully to provide you with the best defense possible. This may mean proving a self-defense argument, plea bargaining to reduce the severity of the charges, or presenting strong mitigating factors to show the court that you do not belong in jail.

Assault Lawyers Serving Potomac, MD

Assault can be charged in the first or second degree. Assault in the first degree is a felony, while assault in the second degree is a misdemeanor. If you are charged with misdemeanor assault, you could still face up to ten years in prison. However, our lawyers may be able to help you get into a diversion program that can keep you out of jail.

Felony assault is far more serious. You might be charged with felony assault if the victim was seriously harmed, or if you used a weapon that could have killed or inflicted a dire injury on the victim. This type of assault is incredibly serious. Our attorneys will evaluate your case to determine how best to reduce your chances of long-term incarceration, whether that means plea bargaining or showing that you were defending yourself.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence is a fair bit more serious than a typical assault. While the stereotypical form of this offense involves a man beating his girlfriend or wife, domestic violence can take many other forms. Simple actions like pushing a family member or grabbing a member of your household as he or she tries to walk away can result in these charges.

Courts take all forms of domestic violence seriously. You may be seen as the type of person who abuses his or her family, even if the incident that led to your arrest was a one-time mistake brought on by a heated argument. A lawyer can try to show the court that you are not a danger to your family members or romantic partners.

Violent Crimes Involving Weapons

Using a weapon to commit any offense automatically makes the offense far more serious. Even displaying a weapon without ever using it can change the level of your offense from a misdemeanor to a felony. Maryland strictly regulates all types of weapons, including mace, knives, and brass knuckles.

It is also important to know that an object does not have to be something that is normally classified as a weapon to be treated as a weapon for the purpose of prosecuting a crime. For example, if you struck the victim with a heavy book or threw a dinner plate at her, the book or plate can be considered a weapon when you are prosecuted for assault.

Murder and Manslaughter Attorneys

Murder and manslaughter are the most serious of the violent offenses. Being convicted of either can mean spending the rest of your life in prison. While murder involves an intentional and often planned killing, manslaughter refers to a killing that happened in the heat of the moment or without intending to kill the victim. It is critical to have excellent legal representation if you are facing murder or manslaughter.

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