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While misdemeanor assault is one of the least serious violent crimes in Maryland, it can still leave a black mark on your record. Potential employers, landlords, or schools might see an assault conviction and make unfair assumptions about you. Most assaults happen in the heat of the moment during an argument. An ongoing dispute with an obnoxious neighbor may have come to a head, or the person you assaulted might have just hit your car. Many minor assaults happen in bars, where alcohol is likely to have played a role in the dispute. If you are charged with a felony assault, your situation is far more serious.

The Law Offices of Gerstenfield & Demirji, PC. is experienced in defending people who have been accused of assault. Our dedicated Montgomery County, MD assault attorneys are skilled in representing people who were arrested after a dispute turned physical. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony assault charge, our lawyers will do all we can to present the best defense possible.

Assault in the Second Degree

Assault in the second degree is a misdemeanor. You will likely be charged with this type of assault if you did not draw or brandish any weapons and the victim did not suffer or fear any serious injuries. Very minor forms of physical contact that do not really hurt the victim, but are offensive, can be considered assault under Maryland law. Types of contact that can get you charged with assault include:

  • Pushing the victim,
  • Grabbing or restraining the victim without a lawful reason,
  • Throwing a light, non-dangerous object at the victim,
  • Slapping or hitting the victim without causing injury,
  • Tossing a drink in the victim's face,
  • Spitting on the victim, or
  • Groping the victim.

You can also be charged with assault without making contact with the victim if something you did made the victim think you were about to physically attack them, such as:

  • Throwing an object at the victim without hitting him,
  • Charging at the victim with a raised fist,
  • Swinging your fist at the victim but stopping short of hitting him.

Assault in the First Degree

Assault in the first degree is a felony offense. You will likely be charged with felony assault if you seriously injured the victim or tried to seriously injure the victim. You may also be charged with felony assault if you drew a gun on the victim, even if you did not shoot him. An attorney may work to defend you against a felony assault charge by arguing that the victim's injury was not serious, or by arguing that you were not trying to seriously injure the victim. Examples of felony assault might include:

  • Hitting someone hard enough to cause a broken nose or concussion,
  • Shoving someone down and causing her to break a bone during the fall,
  • Throwing a heavy object at someone and causing internal bleeding or a laceration that requires stitching,
  • Intentionally burning the victim and leaving a scar,
  • Pointing a gun at the victim,
  • Stabbing or shooting the victim,
  • Striking the victim with a blunt object that could cause severe bodily harm or death,
  • Pushing someone down the stairs,
  • Twisting someone's arm and causing a dislocation, or
  • Throwing acid on the victim.

These forms of assault are very serious and can lead to more than a year of time in prison. You will likely be labeled a violent offender and should not expect much leniency from the court, even if the assault was provoked in some way.

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