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Weapons offenses are always taken seriously due to the potential for someone to get hurt. Guns are strictly regulated in Maryland, and carrying one without a permit, entering a restricted zone with a gun, or possessing one when you are prohibited from having firearms can all lead to serious criminal penalties like jail time. Using a gun or other deadly weapon to commit another crime can also lead to sentencing enhancements or additional charges.

If you have been accused of a weapons crime in Maryland, you need a highly skilled Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court. The penalties associated with weapons crimes can be severe, and you may be seen as a dangerous criminal who must be locked up to protect the public. Our attorneys will do all we can to show that you are not guilty or to mitigate the seriousness of the offense.

Carrying Without a Permit

Carrying a handgun - concealed or otherwise - without a permit is a misdemeanor carrying up to three years in prison. This is a fairly common offense, because so many people do not qualify for a handgun permit under Maryland's strict licensing laws. A permit will not be issued to people with certain misdemeanor or felony convictions, those who do not have a good reason to carry a handgun, or anyone with substance abuse issues. This leads a lot of people to carry a handgun without a permit.

In some cases, we can show that an exception applied to your case. For example, you do not need a permit to have a handgun on your own property or in your own business, or if you were simply transporting the unloaded gun in a closed case between two locations where you were permitted to have the gun.

Carrying Other Dangerous Weapons

Carrying dangerous weapons other than a handgun without a permit can also get you charged with a crime. Dangerous weapons include mace, certain types of knives, and brass knuckles. To carry any dangerous weapon, you need a handgun permit and must be able to show that having the weapon was a reasonable precaution due to perceived danger.

Using a Weapon During the Commission of Another Offense

If you were committing a more serious crime, such as rape or assault, when you brandished or used a deadly weapon against another person, you may be subject to enhanced penalties. You might also face an additional criminal charge for using a weapon to commit any violent crime or any felony.

Possessing Banned Weapons

Certain types of weapons are simply not allowed in the state of Maryland. Banned weapons include assault weapons (unless they were lawfully purchased before bans went into effect), machine guns, and destructive explosives such as bombs, hand grenades, or Molotov cocktails. This crime can be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony depending on the type of weapon involved.

Bringing a Deadly Weapon Onto School Premises

Gun violence at schools has become a very real and pressing issue in the past decade with an abrupt rise in school shootings. Anyone caught with a deadly weapon of any type on school grounds can be imprisoned for up to three years. Sentencing for this crime can be harsh, as the protection of children attending school is taken seriously. There are extremely limited exceptions for current and former law enforcement officials and those participating in lawful historical weapons demonstrations or gun education courses.

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